Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Compass Jones: Cast of Characters

Compass Jones: 39, English teacher, single-with-cats.

Wilhelmina (Mina) Jones: Compass's caustic, oft-inebriated mother.

Jeremy Jones (deceased): Compass's father, or so the story goes.

Todd: token gay neighbor. Early 40s; neither fey nor frilly, but still fabulous.

Mark: entomologist, 40-ish, bald, brainy.

Ethan Robson: one of the Mina-Oliver-Ethan triumvirate. An academic with a past.

Ginny: Mina's mother (presumably) and therefore Compass's gran.

Arthur: Mina's father (presumably) and therefore Compass's gramps.

Oliver: late 60s-ish, highly suspect Brit. A past more checkered than Yasir Arafat's headscarf.

Henry and Sophie: Mina's ghosts.

the Girls: Compass's spoiled, rotund cats.

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